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Fornyet struktur for coachutdanningen The Art & Science of Coaching

Erickson Coaching International oppgraderer sine utdanningstilbud jevnlig. Vi vil gjerne informere deg om at vårt flaggskip-program, The Art & Science of Coaching (TASC) nå fornyes for å bli mer strømlinjeformet, bedre tilpasset ICFs sertifiseringsløp, og ha kjernekompetansene integrert fra dag 1 gjennom hele stoffet. Dette er den største revisjonen siden 2005. Hva betyr «fornyet struktur» for deg, som f.eks. har ønske om å fullføre TASC I-V (1-5), for å ICF-sertifisere din coachkompetanse?

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For at du skal forstå hva den du snakker med egentlig mener, hjelper det om du hever nivået på lyttingen din.

Witworth og Kimsey-House var tidlig ute med å introduserte de tre nivåene på lytting i læreboken til den ICF-godkjente coachingskolen CTI. Hvis vi lytter aktivt når andre snakker, er det større sannsynlighet for at vi forstår hva de egentlig mener, konstaterer de. Lytting kan foregå på ulike nivåer:

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Playing the World Game - What if we could?


Norsk: The World Game er dr. Marilyn Atkinsons misjon. Formålet er å skape et globalt bevisstmessig tippepunkt for den coachende tankegang. Sentral er evnen til balansert fokus på den andre og fokus på seg selv, i dialog alle mennesker i mellom. Alle kan delta på de globale Wold Game arrangementene som gjennomføres. Når skla vi invitere World Game til Oslo? Under kan du lese Marilyns presentasjon av The world game:

Have you noticed that a single conversation can have a powerful transformative effect on a person's whole life?

Consider the vibrational frequency and impact of some of the best coaching conversations that you have had. And further consider that, with masterful development this power could be infused into every coaching conversation and sustained through time.

For the next ten minutes,
would you be willing to play the game of "What If We Could”?

Just suppose you, I and all our coaching colleagues were to boldly declare ourselves as stakeholders for the development of the whole planet.  Then,  every powerful, transformational conversation that we hold could be seen as a wave that moves out further and further around the globe - having cumulative results, and paving the way for further results, moving exponentially into people's lives.

Take a moment and see this domino effect now, with us at the center, the Cultural Creators at work.  If you reference this image as a Vision, a real picture, and then take a look at the size of the same picture five years out, notice that you can see that we are changing our world, powerfully.

Now, as coaches we all want to link into powerful changes.   On some level we all hope that our lives will make a difference.  What I would like us all to consider is that we take on this Vision and Mission consciously - that we shuck our masks and declare this as the Big Game of the International Coach Federation.  Wouldn’t it have huge value to set up this transformational game as our own great game? We would all get focused and aligned.

For example, what if each of the 20 biggest ICF-certified coaching schools declared that this was The Game to playing together.  And, what if each school promised to develop at least 1000 certified coaches in the next three years - by 2009? And what if each school went out and did this?  

And what if we enhanced The Game even more by providing highly discounted coach training for  interested coach-potentials from developing countries, (perhaps English speaking) who could not normally pay the full tuition.

Perhaps we could structure it so that for every five clients who pay the regular tuition for coach training, we invite a tuition-reduced client, perhaps who pays as little as 10% - or whatever fits?  The Game would be to give opportunities to people who want coach training from other countries, but normally could not pay the tuition.
And, what if each of these coaches developing through each school was empowered by their school to create a strong business and a creative niche?  

What if each school also empowered every graduate to develop an entrepreneurial vision that really supported their own business-building framework?  

And what if each individual coach took on the larger vision to work from a coaching ethic that includes vibrant, life-development potential for every person they touch?
Now follow this vision forward with me, please:  

What if that business creates at least 15 clients a week?  If you make the calculations this would mean that through coaching, we could be transforming the lives of 2-3% of the people on the planet within three years.

Do the math. Whew!

This non- ideological, completely open game could link together all the coaching schools beyond the marketplace of competing private gain.  This game could be a way that coaching quickly becomes recognized everywhere as the transformational movement that it truly is.  And our contribution would soon move beyond 2-3% of the population... and the Tipping Point effect would take place.

There is one great coaching movement already in the world today - personal development coaching with all its’ transformational potential for all of humankind. And there are small cadres of great coaching schools standing for this development fully. We all know who we are.  

What if we work together and create a common vision that maximizes the potential of this great movement?

What if we see beyond our private personal agendas?

Consider the impact!

Suddenly the power of what we have together allows us to work effectively for the benefit of everyone on the globe.

The world could use us now. It is time for visionary coaches, as a force, to become the calvary - ride over the hill on our horses of commitment and assist the huddled settlers with their circled wagons and uncertain life visions. Bombarded by advertising and accusation, most people have not thought through their values or their aims in more than a fitful way. People want non-sectarian, non-agenda assistance to discover their own inner power and purpose.   

And, we would need to mean it. Playing the game as a ploy to get more clients or to look as though we care is an approach that stinks to high heaven. Old style ‘helpers’ are really not of much use because they create dependency.  Coaching is already marked by many as a game that pundits play. We would need to know that all assistance is freely and warmly given, and is truly for ourselves.

Most people don’t yet understand that coaching is truly an advice-free zone that assists people to regain their faith in life, turn on the flow of inner connection and creativity, and open wide to humor and life balance.

People immediately reach out to the capacity to take leadership in their own lives. People can quickly move beyond old cynicisms, and take up their own mantel of vision and value.  They can quickly learn to step, one-hundred percent, onto their own life stage. And, that stage is naturally our larger, earth-wide life stage as well.  What we can create is a world reborn with kindred leaders rather than with nations of confused bystanders watching the events on CNN.  
What if we pledged to play this game fully? I suspect we, as global Coaching Schools, could do a lot in three years if we decided to really dedicate ourselves, take leadership in the game, join forces, and go for it.

As humans we are game players.  
-    We can play useful games - for example, the family game, the philosophy game, the art game, or the science game.  
-    We can play games that ultimately scar us and destroy us - for example, the power game, the money game, or the fame game.
-    We can pretend to play one game and secretly play a second game.  

You and I each choose the game we play or not play. What I am proposing is that WE play The World Game, and through it, on a personal level, learn to play The Mastery Game. And through that, on an inner level, truly learn to listen - especially to listen to our own inner knowledge.  

I am sending this invitation to a bunch of coaches.  I would welcome your declaration of interest to discuss ways to create this as a non-sectarian great game -perhaps played through the ICF as a joint platform of declared commitment.  I suggest that the ICF be the game-holders.  
Who wants to play The Game? Who want to be an all-star in The Game?


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