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KAMPANJE -25% frist 8.desember: Styrk din markedsverdi. Grunnkurs kundefokusert coaching oppstart februar. "Anerkjennende samtaler" (TASC Modul 1).

For deg som ønsker en mer coachende og anerkjennende kommunikasjonsstil for deg selv og de rundt deg, privat eller profesjonelt. For deg som ønsker utdanne deg til coach og mentaltrener basert på den internasjonale ICF-standarden for coaching. For deg som vil hjelpe deg selv og enhver annen person se muligheter og realisere sitt beste seg. For deg som vil beherske hvordan hjelpe (deg selv og) den andre sikre kontroll og "ekstremt grad av resultat-eierskap" i de mest utfordrende situasjoner. For deg som ønsker få frem det beste hos andre med coaching, relasjonsledelse og mentaltrening! Programmet jevnlig forbedret. Se under for kursinnhold. Bli med på gratis minikurs for smakebit og få inntrykk av "nerven" i denne ICF godkjente coachutdanningen og praktiske hverdagsnytten i lederrollen og andre situasjoner.

Ved påmelding skriv "Kampanjerabatt før 8/12-2017= kr. 5.175,-" (veiledende 6900,- minus 25% (1.725,-) for 2,5 dager kurs inkl. kursmateriell, lunsjer og 3 uker ettertrening. Påmeldingsfrist kampanje 8. desember:

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Gratulerer til norges 5. ICF-coach på MCC nivå: Anna Lebedeva

Det finnes omlag 850 MCC'er i verden og Norges fikk sin 5. MCC i juli! Når man vet at stryk% er ca. 95% i dette praktiske håndtverket på MCC-nivået, er det ekstra spesielt at Anna valgte gjennomføre ICF-coachsertifiserings-prosessen på engelsk som fremmedspråk. På Annas Facebook-side skriver hun: "Jeg vil gjerne gi uttrykk for takknemlighet til mentorene mine: Carly Andersen, Judy Sabbah, Jan Georg Kristiansen, Leda Turai, mine kunder Maxim Oshurkov, Peter Stefani, Julia Ershova, Luciano Boccucci, Alexey Sidnev for tillatelse til å bruke vår samtale for ICF-akkreditering, Marilyn Atkinson og alle Erickson-teamene for støtte på denne lange og svingete veien. Ja, det er mulig å gjennomføre MCC-nivå coaching i Erickson stil og på fremmedspråk. Takk alle sammen!" #icf #mcc

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Summary in English - Who is Erickson Coaching in Norway?

Erickson is a coaching school and competence house focusing on educating and training leaders, employees, internal and external coaches, private individuals, and everybody else looking for solution focused coaching, appreciative conversations and advanced communication skills.

Erickson Coaching Nordic

Erickson Coaching Nordic offers a coaching education with a renowned international certification – Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) from International Coach Federation (ICF), a broad spectrum of fixed and tailored courses, coach-services via an Erickson coach pool, as well as learn to learn and school development programs.

Ericksons Coaching Nordics main trainer is Jan Georg Kristiansen. Jan Georg is the third ICF-certified MCC coach in the Nordic countries, and the first in Norway. His basic coaching training is from Erickson Coaching International by Marilyn Atkinson PhD. He has 6000+ ICF-coaching hours (and 10.000+ non-ICF-coaching hours), co-build Erickson Coaching Nordic from scratch since the late 1990’s, and is now the General Manager of the company. in 2016 he earned an MA in applied coaching at University of Derby UK.




You can meet Jan Georg at the inspiration meetings on Mondays 1700-1900

What is ICF / Erickson coaching?

"ICF / Erickson Definition on Coaching:
Coaching is the ambition of a 100% confidential, client-focused conversation.

The definition including entry will be a bit longer:
"Coaching is the ambition of a 100% confidential, client-focused conversation,
With lasting effect because,
focus person (conversation partner / customer / coachee)
owns all goals, goals and purposes "

With "owns all goals, goals and purposes," we emphasize that the unique new contribution of client-focused coaching, compared by the elderly "-ing - relatives: counseling, mentoring, teaching and leading
Is an "Extreme Client Ownership
to all clients decisions and actions".

Jan Georg Kristiansen, Norway's first (2005) ICF certified MCC coach comments; -"ICF Coaching is like an athletic branch, where the success criterion is the level of giving the customer the full thinking and opinion space, ie maximum" respite room ", in natural" competition "with me as a human being; But here I am your coach, not your supervisor, mentor or counselor. In my opinion, coaching offers something new and unique in the communications discipline, not already offered by the older "-ing's - relatives: counseling, mentoring, teaching, advicing and leading; by it's ambition to fully, 100% focus on the client.

Erickson books in Norwegian (Jan Georg Kristiansen)

"Coaching in schools – personal guide" (2005, Pedlex, Marit Klyve, Jan Georg Kristiansen, Pål Riis) With extracts from Erickson’s result oriented toolbox for coaching and mentoring, this book demonstrates why and how coaching behavior, coaching and mentoring in the years 2002 – 2007 changed the school, and how leaders, teachers and pupils succeeded in study and work. Chapters 5 and 6 describes methods, techniques and steps used in development of a new leadership team and teachers at Ullern secondary high school.

"Professional dialogues - Coaching and relationship thinking in schools" (2008, Universitetsforlaget, Pål Riis, Jan Georg Kristiansen) A study book that lets you follow Ullern secondary high school in Oslo from the brink of catastrophy to success. A very important ingredient was developing a culture of professional dialogues in all parts of the organization. Today effective leadership and day-by-day learning and development of all pupils presupposes that todays leaders, teachers and councilors are highly competent in human communication skills, are able to talk with – and not only talk to – the individual pupil, parent and co-workers.

Erickson Coaching International

Erickson College has been a worldwide educational organization since 1980, providing professional training programs in coaching and human development.

Erickson has created a framework of expertise in the fields of executive and managerial coaching that is multi-cultural in focus. With our subsidiary organizations, we train and provide managerial coaches within Canada, U.S., Britain, Norway, Baltic Countries, Australia, Ukraine, Turkey, Mexico, China, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Russia, and a number of other countries. Through online live programs of all Erickson’s major trainings, people from 50 other nations and multiple organizations have completed Coach training programs. 

With more than 40,000 graduates since 1996, Erickson provides the assurance of working with an organization that has conducted multiple successful corporate coach training programs.  The Art & Science of Coaching is well established as a leading corporate coach training program worldwide. The Art & Science of Coaching ICF Accredited Coach Training Program is one of the leading, and fastest growing coaching training programs in the world.

Founder Marilyn Atkinson PhD

Marilyn Atkinson PhD. is a personal and executive coach, for many years a registered organizational psychologist, who has been working in the field of organizational development for 40 years, and with Executive and Organizational Coaching for ten years. She is known for her gracious and expansive teaching style, her strategic thinking, her humor, and her amazing capacity to initiate breakthroughs in skill level for all who learn with her. She developed a generation of brilliant executive coaches and managerial coaches that work inside the largest world leading corporations and also provide their services independently.

Dr. Atkinson is the founder of Erickson Coaching International, a company considered by many to be the gold standard for training professional coaches. Erickson, as a professional coaching school is currently located in twenty two countries, and 40 cities and on 5 continents.  Over 120 professional coach trainers are part of the Erickson team, and 60 of these teach the acclaimed Art and Science of Coaching Program.  Marilyn has also developed a series of Managerial and Executive Coaching Programs, now provided by many Erickson Coach trainers and professional instructors, persons trained by her and representing Erickson’s programs.

For the past twenty years she has been developing both corporate and specialized coach training programs, (ACTP, The Art and Science of Coaching) in Canada, USA, Scandinavia, Russia, Turkey, Australia, China, India, Eastern Europe, and other areas. A former Registered Psychologist, Marilyn is also an NLP Master Trainer and specialist in Ericksonian Communications. She began developing formal business coach training programs in the mid 90's. She travels to Russia and Europe four times per year to lead three-week training programs packed with hundreds of participants.

Erickson books in English (Marilyn Atkinson)

Marilyn Atkinson’s new trilogy, The Art and Science of Coaching, is currently being translated into four languages.  It includes:

    * The Art and Science of Coaching: The Inner Dynamics of Coaching

    * The Art and Science of Coaching:  Step-by-Step Coaching

    * The Art and Science of Coaching: Process and Flow

Outside of religious and political movements there is one major human development movement in the world today - solution focused coaching! The three books in the Art & Science of Coaching series go to the heart of this phenomenon. They show you why coaching is on the rise and provides processes for you to learn the power and methodologies of coaching conversations.


Kjetill Gunnarson has over several years been a consultant and working chairman of Erickson Coaching Nordic. As a learning-coach he is part of the Erickson training pool, giving trainings in speed reading and learning technologies. His ranking as global number 2 in speed reading has stood since 1986 (Book of Mental World Records, Tony Buzan 3 ed. 2005).